Steve Schroyder

The musician and organ builder Steve Schroyder experienced the rise of a new electronic music in Berlin at the beginning of the 1970s. Even then he was experimenting with ways of rendering cosmic dimensions accessible to experience through sounds. Together with Tangerine Dream, he expressed this experience on the album entitled Alpha Centauri. It was during this production that he first encountered the new instrument known as the synthesizer, which, even now, is continuing to gain significance in generating sound and which played a major role in producing Tangerine Dream's next album, Zeit. Steve then joined a group called Ashra td-1972.jpgTemple and recorded with them the Seven Up album, on which Timothy Leary collaborated.

In 1980, Steve Schroyder and the musician Gene Gross together formed the group Augenstern. Their first studio recording was the MC Strahlen, which met with acclaim in far-reaching New Age circles. Study of harmonic structures in nature gave rise to the idea of a »plant music«, which was first performed on the occasion of the Freiburg State Garden Show and can be heard on his next MC, Blütenklang. The listener can experience from within the resonance of the forms and beauties of flowers.

Steve Schroyder and Hans Cousto met in the fall of 1987. Cousto acquainted Steve with the astronomic-harmonic groundwork of horoscope composition. Owing to their original manner of transposing horoscopes into music,. Steve Schroyder and Hans Cousto became popular studio guests on all sorts of radio and television programs here and abroad. In numerous live broadcasts, the horoscopes of studio guests were calculated, transposed into a musical composition and then performed live. Transfering the astronomical datas of one's own horoscope into a personal composed sound experience turned out to be an outstanding but advanced composing tecnique. This cooperation and inspiration led to the albums Klänge. Bilder, Welten, and SUN, both CD´s have been recenlty rereleased  on Steve´s own label, Planetware-reords.

In 1989 Steve Schroyder and the gong player and percussionist Jens Zygar formed the Star Sounds Orchestra and together they started a new genre within the history of electronic music. Using the comsic tonings of the planets of the solar system, their concerts became some sort planetary mystery performances. Till almost to end of the recently passed  millenium, the SSO played in almost any existing holistic conference in the western hemisphere. Their debut-album planets, which in between is rereleased again was followed by Kosmophonon and Phantastische Phänomene.

Another step of their band evolution occured, when SSO met various artists of the upcoming movement called goa - trance. Being with the well appreciated label Spirit Zone from Hamburg, another phase of their history began, which actually lasts up today; being closly connected with the gobal psy-trance seen, the Star Star Sounds Orchestra got a great reputation in this specific genre and still festivals all over the globe request SSO to show up at their festies.

Recently Steve Schroyder expanded his musical work with another step, when he joined the Anne Clarke Band touring regulary. At the same time he is releasing albums with the german vocal ensemble Alien Voices;

Today in 2013 Steve finds himself being one of the most wanted contemporary keyboard artists, showing up with different ensembles in different ocasions. He continuely gives the world a proov of not only being a pioneer of modern electronic music but also living a busy life as an engaged talent, who enriches the world continuesly with cosmic and vivid musical ambitions.


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