Christian Wagner

Christian Wagner is the sound engineer and offical SSO sound conductor.

Besides being an expert for high end sound environments, he is a creative technical science researcher with a fantastic attitude regarding any vibrating challenge. His sound laboratories are mysterious temples of acoustic treasures and audionic miracles. Christian transforms every live act into a surprising cosmic energy spectacle and takes much daring responsibilty for the special soundings of the cosmic Stars Sounds Orchestra atmospheres.

C.W. is a highly educated natural born super-ossi from uptown Leipzig; as a Technival prooved combattant with inumerable skills, his passion is sound, sound and some sounds in between.

He operates a multifloor hidden cave shelter studio directly on the uprising Route de Industrie @ Nordsternpark right in the hood of the mighty Gelsenkirchner Hercules.

In case you are in the urgent need of some hardcore, analog recording technology, give him a call in his Red House Studio and he might come with his spaceshipal, taking care of your needs as well.