YJupiter.gif Jupiter has a rotation time of a little less than 12 years and oscillates in the 36th octave with F# of 183.58 Hz. The corresponding colour is a red with a wavelength of about 740 Nanometers. Jupiter is the largest of all planets and is situated right in the middle of the presenty known planets. Jupiter is traditionally associated with Sagittarius.
Generosity, continuity, magnanimity and joviality are characteristic of Jupiter. It stands for philosophical and material creativity.

The sso jupiter story


05_planets-200.jpgIt's ironic that the decisive vibration of Jupiter tunings, a holistic metaphor for success and material abundance, was only used twice in all of SSO's recorded music.

The first one was a track on the PLANETS album simply called JUPITER. It starts with a great synth appegiator and a great deep atmospheric orchestral melody followed by a genius piano melody, before it turns into something that steadily leads the listener to an incredible guitar solo melody layered over  a jumpy, funky bass line, brilliantly accented by a beautiful gongstroke. It was a very unusual track in the pre-techno age: romantic electronica. Nobody really knew what to do with it.

06_phantastische-200.jpgThe only other SSO Jupiter track appeared on the Phantastische Phänomene Album from 1991. The track is called "In der Palmblatt Bibiliothek". It is a very likable and accessible piece. It has a smooth-floating meditative new-age timeless feel, that unveils a strong strain of true cosmic energy; the gong shimmers with a great floating feel accentuating the beautiful melody that is so typical of Steve Schroyder's genius for composition. He found a way to turn a pain-influenced pan flute madness into something truly beautiful. SSO invites you to enjoy this signature piece of cosmic octave music, I.D.P.B ("In der Palmblatt Bibiliothek"). It is one of those lost brilliant gems for posterity.

Actually, this track reminds experts of the Augenstern compositions that Steve co-wrote with Gene Gross in the pre-SSO times.

It seems funny in retrospect that Jupiter turned a blind eye and didn't shine it's light of prosperity and generous material manifestation on this project. Perhaps it's just a question of time.

Anything that relates to the jupiter frequency; experiences with the jupitermusic of SSO; links to your cosmic music, suggestions,...

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March 3, 2013

Experience all the planets and SSO music.


Pluto was dismissed by the Rose Center for Earth and Space in 2001. SSO still celebrates Plutos vibration and appreciates the metapher as Pluto being the group dynamic principle, the collective unconscious.


Neptune is the holy patron of the Star Sounds Orchestra. Focusing on his vibrations inspired Steve and Jens to compose some of their best pieces of cosmic tuned music.


Uranus presents itself as absoltely surprising ancient super god. He seems to be the grinch of the antics and its impossible to get a worse reputation than he has.


Saturn or Chronos is the master of time and destiny. The keeper at the door and cosmic controller of all actions takes care of anyones karma. He tells you how far you can go.


Jupiter ´s role as the head of all gods and goddesses within the pantheon of western mythology gives his frequency a central meaning as well. There is a certain mystery in the relationship between jupiter and SSO...


Mars is very busy these days.


The frequency of the year, C# with 136.10 Hz is the 32nd octave of the earth year. The corresponding colour is a turquoise, according to a wavelenght of about 500 Nanometers.


The moon is besides the shift of day and night the most obviously rhythm of our solar system.


Holding a tuning fork with the tone of the Venus on the third Eye lets in a great flow of love energy and promotes inner harmony.


Mercury vibrates close to c sharp.


the tones of the sun are relatetd with the speed of light, the border of our capacity to realize the material manifestations.