SSO´s music unites state of the art-electronica with analog acoustics in combination with the concepts of the cosmic octave. This special science deals with the insights of sphere harmonics as they have been presented by the harmonic master Hans Cousto. His book "The Origin of Harmony" is one of the - if not the most essential publication on the topic "holistic sound-effects on body, mind and soul".

Most of the SSO -  tracks are following these special tuning advices and they are resonating with certain natural frequencies.

In the following you will find all the music that had been composed by the Star Sounds Orchestra,  tagged with any relevant informations on the circumstances of their backgrounds.

Either you can simply enjoy the tracks or use the frequencies within special meditations. You are kindly invited to research the cosmic octave-sound-effects for yourself and share your experiences with us. We are definitly open to communicate with you any concerns on "holistic sound research". We believe, that the evolution of mankind can be positivly stimulated through the understanding and integration of cosmic sound and music.

If you are complety new in this aera of this contempary scienc-art, we recomment you to start to listen the track NEPTUN, which was the first piece of music ever, that Jens and Steve were inspired to compose amd perform together, when they first met 1989 in Solothrm, Suisserland.........we wish you a inspriring cosmic journey........