The SSO Story...

Apart from the fact, that Star Sounds Orchestra was founded by Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar in 1989 in Switzerland, the SSO story wouldn´t have been possible without the support and input of many friends, fellow-musicans, comitted fans and of course: many, many organizers of festivals, agencys, producers, labelpeople...

We want to say thank you! Not only by listing or mentioning all the names but also by trying to tell a little part of your / their stories which are somehow connected with our story and which are also connected with all the stories of our common has been a great journey so far and surely it will continue some further earth cycles around the sun.

The SSO story is more than the epos of some friends sharing their passion for cosmic music and psychedelic philosophy; it's like an ongoing movie in which the universe writes a surprising plot.
The film even has started ages before it was clear that our lifetime in this epoche could even happen; but thats a different episode; we will try to be very personal from now on.

Steve was one of the first brave cosmic pioneers of the new age; he was and surely is a natural born hippie and he gave all the needed proves to make sure: its him. His story continues on his personal page on this website...

Jens arrived 10 years later on the planet. In order to make sure he is a special first as well, he choosed 11:11 to be his master matrix. Finally he compensated the lack of further important numbers such as 2 or 3 … by becoming a gong player; as gonplayers only need to count to one: one stroke - one heart - one love!

We'll make a jump in time – as picture number three at the very right sidebar shows Christian´s. His secret nickname has to do with his origin; he is a manifestation of condensed competence of just anything. Need a new spacestation? Want your personal nuclear reactor? ...what ever, ask and get some surprising advices! If you really want to find out about his name, please continue to follow his story on his profile page.

So many appointments, so many friends,..

It happened at the shift of the millenium that we met the diva queen of cosmic world music, her majesty Miss Irina Mikhailova from Kazakhstan, educated as a classical singer actres in St. Petersburg (some say the best vocal education on planet earth, thats why she choosed this particular slot) residates in San Francisco or in Canada or in Puerto Rico or in Columbia... even Irina herself doesn´t know sometimes what she can expect from herself next.
One thing for sure: any fan and vistor who took or will take part of any of the occasions of Irina playing with the SSO-boys can achieve the experience of some sort of meta trance dance fun beyond borders and expectations,...her path is definitly worth to follow!

At the end of each day we all find ourselves going to sleep in the same spaceship Mother Earth and we are definitely involved in the same story of life in this particular stage of the human and cosmic evolution.